Christmas is a magical time of year for children – The present, the cookies, the present, the decorations. While the holiday excitement for youngsters largely lies with the loot, it’s a really nice touch to send an age-appropriate Christmas Wishes for grandchild. For that matter, you’re never too old either.

Further as grandchildren grow up, they come to appreciate family and value relationships more deeply. Therefore take a few moments this holiday season to tell your grandchild how much better your life is because of him/her. Also how proud you are of the person he/she is becoming. Thus a short note that speaks from the heart and captures the essence of your relationship with your grandchild could be a lifetime memory.

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Christmas Wishes for Grandchild
Christmas Wishes for Grandchild
Merry Christmas
Christmas Wishes for Grandchild
Christmas Wishes for Grandchild
Christmas Greetings
Christmas Wishes for Grandchild


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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