Confused and dejected,

Once a student asked his teacher,

As to why was it him,

Whom life always rejected?

The teacher looked at the pupil in his eyes,

And plastered on his face a broad smile

And next, he spoke out a question-

“What is life? ”

The pupil found it a useless interrogation

And gave no reply.

Thus the teacher gave it a try.

“Life is,when you know you have to stand again

Even after you’ve lost all strength.

Life is, when you have to let your loved ones know

you are doing all fine

Even when your situation is worse than crying.

Life is, what others tell you is never going right.

Life is a story, and we have only the plot in our hands.

The beginning and the end are predestined.

Life is all about forgetting and forgiving

To make that of others’ worth living.

Life is watching the sun rise and set

On that lonely sky.

Life is, when you break into fragments but gather yourself up,

Not for your own self, But for those, who, on you are dependent.

My dear student,

Life is, knowing that soon it will end

And that you’ll have nothing,

When there, you will rest

But still strive hard to get all your best.

Life is a colourful journey.

And you’ve got all shades with you

So decide what you need ,

And try to put in every hue.”

Rabia Khan

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