An Untold Grief
An Untold Grief

Moon and Sky inquires me why,
The love ending alliance
was not our try,
Cherishing our bond
was endeavour,
I wish it lasted forever..

The pain of thy absence
is spreading in my veins,
Pouring of tears
is not less than rains…

Remembering the beginning
of our era of love,
The battles we fight
was not that tough…

I tried to cling ,
I tried to entreat,
What went wrong??
Answer was credulity.. Indeed !!

Thee rived my stock,
Thee rived me apart,
I was oblivion
from thy antrocious task…

I LOVE YOU !!… Still ??
This hits me hard,
I am getting stoic
and made my world depart…

People Judge me
for still loving that cozen,
Lack of Empathy.. i guess!!
But Love is not only about platonic
It also states being eternal and woven…

Shatakshi Chauhan

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