Beautiful & Unpredictable Journey
Beautiful & Unpredictable Journey

Life – “A beautiful & unpredictable journey”

Life is necessarily a precious and beautiful gift,
No matter what, just push yourself and lift !
It is a worthwhile present with a beautiful and bright future,
There is nothing beautiful than this for any creature !
Always work hard to create a beautiful tomorrow,
But don’t waste your present in mourning for a temporary sorrow !
Try to face each and every obstacle with courage,
And nobody can stop you from becoming a victor of any voyage !
You cannot escape the things which has been planned by life,
But you can motivates yourself and be there always by your side!
Take a deep breath and invest your time to think,
Problems are temporary and it can be solved in just one blink !
Trust your journey,don’t take stress and don’t be panic,
Enjoy being yourself as there is no need to become iconic !
Appreciate each and every small moment of your lifespan,
Whenever you stuck somewhere,say this to yourself,”I can, I can” !

Kausar Nisha

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