Destined to be Incomplete

Destined to be Incomplete

His heart melted inside him as he saw her lying on the tiled floor soaked up in blood. Never in his worst nightmares could he had seen her this way. Her innocent face looked pale and lifeless, her eyes were still half open as if she had tried hard to see through them for the last time. Time stopped at the moment, but only for him there were people who were running around him for their work to collect proofs from the dead body. Yes… A dead body, she had now become a dead body for them whereas; for the media reporting outside the bungalow she was an officer who sacrificed her life for country. Today whole country was talking about her sacrifice and bravery. But he couldn’t even utter a word. He noticed some nurses taking her for postmortem. A chain with a small locket tucked in his watch from her right hand when the stretcher passed by him. He took out the chain from his watch and stared at it. It was then, he realized it wasn’t a locket it was the same ring which he had gifted her once. He was shocked with the fact that she still had wore it even after he had left her years ago.
Soon he came out of the bungalow with his colleagues. The media surrounded them all around. They were asked about their success in the long running mission and death of their undercover cop. His colleagues were replying them where he still found himself captivated in his own thoughts.

He entered his home and closed the door. His eyes again trailed through the same ring. He realized the ring had lost its shine with time unlike her love for him.

She excitedly unpacked the box gifted by him. A beautiful silver ring written ‘Love forever’ caught her eyes. The spark on her face and in her eyes told him that she liked the gift. She said nothing just looked at him and forwarded the ring. He looked at her confusingly.
“ Ruhaan Malhotra won’t you make me wear it..?” She said with a grin. He smsiled and slid the ring into third finger of her left hand.
“Look today I wrote my name on you… Now no one can take you away from me…” He smirked and she blushed on his comment.
“Only death can separate it from me.. I Promise…” She replied
“Promise me.. You’ll be by my side always…” He asked while extending his hands towards her.
“And what if someday you’ll want me to leave…?” She asked with a strange fear in her eyes.
“It will never happen…. And if I lose my way and imagine.. just imagine if someday I asked you to leave, please stop me at that instant. Because I won’t ever stop loving you and the day I’ll realize this, I no longer will be able to tolerate my own mistake… Promise me You’ll..” He kept his hand extended as before.

She looked deep into his eyes wondering about the love they had stored for her. She kept her hands on his and nodded in yes.

“I know I failed but why didn’t you keep your promise…? Why…?” A gut wrenching sobs tore through his heart.

He was not even able to stand on his own anymore. He sat there on the doorstep and hinged his head back on the door. Everything around him looked worthless. He felt shattered from inside. Ruhan Malhotra a tough and smart cop who had made his mind stronger than his emotions was feeling broken. He took out his phone and started going through their old chats and posts they did tagging each other. He recalled how she didn’t say anything when he talked of breaking up. He found the last post he did tagging her after breaking up with her. Dated back in 2nd jan 20XX

“May be our ending wasn’t really an end, but a new beginning for both of us. A beginning that will lead us in the right direction, even if it’s far away from each other. Maybe we needed to part ways because if we hadn’t, then neither of us would get what we deserved, and staying in each other’s lives we were moving away from what our purposes was.”

He noticed she had neither reacted nor deleted the post from her account. Neither had she done any post after that. He felt himself so selfish to not to notice that for years. His body wracked with an onslaught of sobs and tears.

Today he had gotten whatever he deserved and wished for. A well settled career his family who was proud of having him as their child. Then why was he feeling incomplete and broken. He had left her years ago then why the hell her departure was suffocating him so much. He recalled the day when he saw her after years.

‘Ruhan she’s Aisha sehgal… Undercover ATS cop who’s working on the mission along with us…’ He heard his senior saying while introducing him to an officer. He froze at the name Aisha Sehgal, looked up at the girl to confirm if his thoughts were true and found the girl already staring at him. Her lips, her eyes everything was familiar to him except the toughness on her face which had replaced the innocence.

They had a formal hand shake and then went back to their works. They kept meeting saw each other later that day but she kept avoiding him.

Tears raced down his cheeks to his chin, his lips trembled as he cried his heart out while hugging her photograph he got in their old chats.

“Love never fade away with time and if it fades it was never love.”

With or without her life happened to go on. Days used to pass in an effort to laugh and to be happy by any means but nights had turned out to be his enemy. There were moments when he realized of her pain when he left her in a storm of questions. Now she was dead at once but he died every day because he survived and she died. He was cursed to live his life without her.

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Speechless I’m

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Last some lines were damn emotional.

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Nice… Achha likhti ho

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