Its Unconditional
Its Unconditional

My love is eternal , just value it my pearl.
Before its too late, realize it and don’t runagate.
You are my pleasure, make me your treasure.
I will make you feel delighted, if you will ever feel dejected.
My devotion for you is unconditional, just understand me my invariable.
You are a diamond, I want to be its shine.
Can i be your comfort zone for the lifetime?
I just want to adore you for whole of my life,
and want to romance with you in the dim moon light .
Can you please give me this right?
I promise, I will never fight.
Just give us a rise,
We together make it wise .
Its unconditional, I can’t explain it in a word.
Our conjoint understanding keep it evermore,
Come let’s step together in our house door.

© Saumya Kaushik

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