Life Lessons by Time
Life Lessons by Time

I can’t forget you until I’ll sleep forever.

We want everyone to stay in our life till the end but woefully they left us, as they have never been a part of us.

Luckily or unluckily, intentionally or by chance, we all experiences this phase and we always had a person to whom we believe to stand by our side and who understand what we’re going through, but at the end we’re left by our designed paths only.

Always remember a thing, that the best way that you could reach your destiny is, either by discovering and experiencing your journey even those tiny pebbles or just by boosting your speed which may lead to hit you by those pebbles later.

Time is supposed to be our best partner as it teaches us about our priorities whether it’s been related to people or our goals.

Stay connected to your soul & always have faith in you. Moving on should never be your toughest decision. It should be the quickest and sharpest decision by you, as your condition doesn’t affect that much as your own thoughts do.

Chitransh Nigam

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