My Broken Relationships
My Broken Relationships

What is it with me and broken relationships
Each one of them sinks like the Titanic

What is it with me and the jagged cracks
Each one of them refuses to be filled

What is it with me and emotional wreckage
Each one of them that my heart leaves behind

The cracks come with the refusal to settle for anything less than what I stand for

And the wreckage is now just the part of me deciding to not deal with the avalanche of emotions

What is it with me and values I stand for
Each one of them building only stronger as the days pass

What is it with me and the pathways i walk on
Each one of them leaving me feeling all alone

And what is it actually that is so wrong with me and the opinions I stand for look so intimidating to you.

May be its not me who is wrong and may be you are also right.
Maybe we are just not meant to be in love this night.
May be the volcano in my heart would stop bleeding and all the feelings will be the cool lava.
May be then I’d be calm and not looking for a place in your heart.
May be then I’ll have a place of my own and play my favorite part.

Jasprit Kaur

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