Sociology lecture was going on and Meera was attending the online classes. At a sudden Meera stood up and asked –

“Why these social institutions like marriage, patriarchy, patrilocal are so important despite being gender biased”

“Why do we consider only male as bread earner and females confined to households”

“Why dowry system practice is still present in our sociology text book in context for girls from poor family or for not so good looking ones”

“Why Girls education is always kept at stake”

WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY and we have to follow such norms made by people and if you will try to change them either you will be thrown out of the society or some harsh outcome you have to face !
THIS WAS THE RESPONSE FROM HER MOTHER who was working in the kitchen.

Meera’s lecturer called her mom and said very calmly –

Let me tell you a short story:

A woman gets pregnant. Her family went for sonography but the doctor was honest to her profession and biased them by telling those golden words IT’S A BOY. Months passed and the day arrived and IT WAS AN ANGEL. Fights went on between family and doctors but fear of police was more hence they took her home. Mother was beaten by her husband who had a 9-5 rough unsatisfied Id filled job.

As she was reaching her milestone and phases of growth, no care was taken NO Schooling and for name sake they admitted her to a nearby govt school just for her scholarship money and mid day meal.

At a very fragile age she get married and patriarchy and patrilocal society didn’t allowed her mother to stand for her daughter and this FEMALE BEING WEAK MENTALITY GET STUCK IN HER MIND and ALL HER HOPES DIED AT THAT MOMENT!

Meera’s mom pampered her and hugged her unbiased feeling of BEING A WOMAN a strong woman.

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