And the brook did flow in the silent night,
With twinkling stars and moonlight bright.
Where the crickets chirping in woods thick…
With sounds resonating through every creek.

Wings of the nocturnal birds did flap around,
And flew in an angel in white, love bound.
Sweet sound with which she whispered gently,
Heard my ears to the serene voice heavenly…

Replete were her words with divine admiration,
For she were an angel born of godly creation.
Turned to gaze her beauty I stood spellbound,
Cause her enchantment shook me to the ground.

With sparkling eyes did she look at me
And a gentle rush of blood on cheeks be.
Her fragrance that allure my soul out,
“Love her madly!!” does my heart shout.

From that day I heard Erato whispering,
Soulmate is that I find forever loving…


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