The Portrait of Love

The Portrait of Love

She was a young girl wanting herself,

to be expressed as a beautiful yellow rose,

and to be written down among the beautiful words.

In the middle of a sunny day, she stood staring at the mountains,

the gentle breeze played with her hair, but her eyes stared at the sky.

Her heart was a beautiful river, pure and eternal,

formed by the melting glaciers of the north pole,

Looking for her mother who is far away,

She stood staring at the emptiness of the sky.

As the rain hit the earth gently, she felt her mother,

She turned back to the rainbow as it hid behind her,

The colors reminded her of her only mother,

A soul she admired and loved!

A soul she kissed and adored!

but the fate was even bitter, it took away her life.

In the middle of a sunny day,

As she walked along the river,

The thoughts of her mother hit her delicate heart,

In the middle of a stormy day,

As she walked along soft green grass,

The wind reminded her of her only mother,

She was the sunshine at twelve, leaving no dark shadows behind,

But now she is unaccompanied,

She is a feather detached from her mother let to fly alone.

Her eyes were the Pristine Windows to her soul depicting a fairy’s dream!

The young soul walked along the stream,

past the mountains,

she walked miles,

Alone she walked back home,

To darkness to sleep alone.


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Arsha Vinod · January 5, 2022 at 22:11

You articulated your thoughts beautifully.Keep up the good work dear!

Anjana · January 4, 2022 at 22:50

Such a poignant poem … Beautifully written

Lakshmi · January 4, 2022 at 11:03

This piece got a soul,wonderful.Keep up the good work.

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