This is You


How do you eat, like a bird that picks up the tiny parts one by one and chew whole day ,or the bear that Just puts everything eatable in big tummy?

How do you deal with hitches? With dissapointment or a learning experience?

How do you talk? The chatter box that never seems to be silent or the one who mixes up slowly and express less?

Do you like soaking up in solitude or
you consider it as a mere despondency?

Do you like reading a chapter word by word or you just skip to it’s conclusion impatiently, just to see what’s next ?

Do you need a pillow below your head and one to cuddle as you sleep or it’s not that required ?

Do your power naps suddenly turns into an oversleep or you’re early than your alarm clock ?

Do you love keeping your new attires for the right ocassion or you just wear them as early as you buy them ?

Do you speak endlessly without a pause or you just like to be reticent ?

Do you wait for your favourite cusine at home to be served or you just jump into it as soon as it’s ready-to-eat ?

Do you wish to listen to your whole favourite song before getting out of the car, or you don’t mind leaving it unfinished ?

Do you love the smell of petrichor and voice of the rain patter or its an annoying disturbance to you?

Do you enjoy clicking random Nature shots with your cellphone or you waiting for your DSLR ?

Do you love watching Your favourite cartoon or You Just refuse for people poking fun at You ?

Do you lend your ears to the hypercritical world
Or you just love what you do and owe yourself a bit more ?


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