When the heart breaks, poetry fixes it. Here are few Heartbreaking English Quotes to help you find your broken heart pieces.

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Heartbreaking English Quotes

And I am glad that you left me, because if you were to stay with me being the person you have become, it would have killed me even more.

Heartbreaking English Quotes

I often wonder what it is to be like in your shoes, to be loved by someone in profound ways, all his life, and still not love him back.

Heartbreaking English Quotes
Heartbreaking English Quotes

I know you didn’t love me at all, but for sake of my broken pieces,

I would still like to believe that, for one solitary second, you did.

Poetry and Writeups

He promised glitters in her eyes, but could only afford tears forever,

She promised him forever, and gave him exactly that, though hatred instead of love.


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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