Goodbyes are not forever. They are not the end, they simply mean we are going to miss each other until we meet again. Here is a Heartbreaking Prose In English for you to read.

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Heartbreaking Prose

Heartbreaking Prose

Heartbreaking Prose

Allie looked unsettled that evening. Noah come all the way from another side of the city to meet her. He could always sense the rattling tides in her thoughts. They had a walk together. For the first time, Noah was finding it difficult to make a normal decent conversation.

Allie had never been such a stranger to him. But Noah could always make her smile, no matter what. They talked for an hour about everything that made less sense which made Allie laugh.

Heartbreaking Story


They hugged a little longer than usual that evening, that evening was slowly coming to an end. And with that evening, a story that could have lightened up the whole world with its spark was coming to an end too.

Noah held on her tighter than ever before. He could feel Allie’s nails digging deep into his waist. He looked into her eyes and saw an ocean holding a storm inside.

Allie bid him goodbye, with a smile that Noah could refuse a hundred heavens for. Noah stood there for as long as she was visible to him.

That was the last time they met.

Heartbreaking Story
Heartbreaking Prose


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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