Love is a beautiful bond between two persons that binds them in a long lasting relationship that cannot be easily destroyed. Having someone who truly love you is a blessing in this world. Someone who hold you even with your imperfections and flaws and make you feel special with each passing day is what we all wish for. Here is a Heartfelt short stories for you to read in English.

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Heartfelt Short Stories
An Untold Love Story: Noah and Allie
Heartfelt Short Stories

Years later Noah and Allie were in the same room. One of their friends said, “Noah, but you were really into that love right. You were crazy, delicate & unmoved”, and laughed. Noah said, “Into her? I wanted to have kids with her, I wanted to get married to her.

I wanted to wake up to her beautiful dimples and mesmerising smiles every morning. And wanted to take her to post-work dates like lovers even after we would have married.

Heart breaking Stories


I wanted to see saplings turn into giant trees with her. I wanted to hold her hand in our old age, when her eyes would still be young & have the same spark that we as lovers had”. Allie’s eyes has lighten up by now.

“I wanted to see her messed mascara while she was asleep. I wanted to see her playing with her hair every time she washed them…..Well, I wanted to love her for all my life, I was that much to her” with a pause he continued,

Heart breaking Stories

“SARAH was just amazing. I miss her”. And at that moment, Allie saw a thousand rainbows turn into dark clouds. The light in her eyes turned into tears. For the first time she realised what Noah had felt years back when she stormed out of his life.

Less she knew, Noah was talking about her, all he wanted was to show her a glimpse of what he went through.


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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