How Quarantine-ing is turning out to be?

Any of you, feeling me here? It’s weird how quarantine-ing is turning out to be such a complicated thing. I constantly see people venting out their emotions on social media and slipping into anxieties.

I observe how the scars that apparently were put to grave, are slowly turning into wounds again. 

This has brought me to the conclusion that the truth is, none of us had actually healed properly from the wounds of past, from our insecurities, from the disappointments of all the “forevers” turning into “never ever“.

Instead, in the world that works on the premise of rat race, we had managed to escape our wounds, insecurities, dilemmas and the questions we never could figure the answers to.

We never really had the time to burst into tears for all the heartbreaks we went through, for all the horrible ends our beautiful “could be” stories came to, for all the people who left us.

Neither could we weep for all the people who stayed, but changed into someone unrecognizable

I have always believed in the ideology that one can always pick something good out of every bad thing that happens to them, one can find gold in trash, if he knows where to look for it properly. 

Why not use this time to self introspect, to heal, to cure ourselves and know ourselves so much better than before that we the next time we are left to isolate ourselves, we only come across beautiful memories of past. 

Why not learn how to handle our wild, untamed & messy soul for once and all. 

So, I was wondering, instead of falling prey to the fear of judgement, why not vent all the baggage out of ourselves, after all, who really actually cares, if they did, why would the leave?


– CA Nitin Kaushik (a poet, writer & a modern age philosopher)

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Alka panchal · May 5, 2020 at 16:55

All your words expand a real story of today’s condition. Always we have to overcome on our bad situations and groom ourselves for a better life.
Nowdays we all are stucked with this problem as we can see it is a very bad situation.
I am also worried about my job. But i learned alot of things in these days. I am grooming my writing skills and read some books to improve my mental abilities. All we have some week points surely, I also have many bad thing in me.
I thought this is the best time (like a golden chance) to improve yourself and we can learn many things online whatever we like to do.
So just enjoy that time with family and yourself.

2gainsay · February 17, 2022 at 19:51


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