I miss RAINS - Poem about Sorrow

This poem/excerpt is all about what a phase of depression, sorrow, breakdown brings with it, apart from just the pain and tears. “I miss rains” is a poem about how sorrow brings all things full circle in the end.

I miss rains.
It’s not that I love rains or something like that.
No, no, in fact I hate getting all wet and clumsy on a rainy day.
I miss rains because of the clarity it brings around us afterwards.
I miss them because it brings, a barren land, back to life.
I miss the petrichor it brings with itself, bringing with it, the memories of her.
I miss the rainbows that comes after that heavy shower.
I miss the first ray of sunshine tearing apart the sadness that rain brought with it.
The strong breeze and chill it brings to my soul, I miss that.
The raindrops falling on my face, which then turns into teardrops due to the emptiness within, I miss that rain.
Indeed, I miss the rain, even though I don’t love it!!

-Quoted by an Introvert

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