Letters are so underrated nowadays


All those long-lost Souls

Subject: Letters are so underrated nowadays

Dear You,

I hope this finds you in goodness, grace and peace. I know this has been a roller-coaster of a ride, but wouldn’t it be quite subtle if it was that easy? We Indians like a little spice anyway, right?

So as I was thinking of this beautiful past, a thought came to my mind that, life was so easy back then. Family and friends were not a “click on a screen” away.

Maybe, just maybe, relationships were not complicated in the past.

When we had to wait days or sometimes months to receive that special letter, your message, your beautiful words, it somehow, simultaneously, created an importance and essence of your presence.

It maintained a realization of what it really feels not having you close. We already knew what circumstances will encompass if it was never to be heard from you again.

With this technology in our hands, we have forgotten the impact distance can put onto the core of a relationship. We underestimate the fear of loosing that special person.

We take conversations for granted, as we don’t know what importance it has in our lives. I hope we don’t get lost in this superficial world, and get back to the basics with love, respect and honesty.

P.S. If you really want to show your love to me, I am still waiting for those letters to come. I promise I will reply.



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