Markus Natten is a poet from Norway. He wrote famous and profound poems, the most known work of his being ‘The Childhood’. The poet in this poem thinks over his lost childhood and talks about the transition of the poet from his childhood to maturity. As he matured, he forgot about the time when he started to think like adults. There is a hidden pain of the poet which hovers around the lines. In the end, his musing comes to a halt. He can see the innocence of childhood in an infant’s face. Although he is an adult now, the essence of childhood is always there in little children. Markus Natten can only get satisfaction by seeing those innocent faces, glittering in purity. Here is one of many Markus Natten Poetries for you to read.

It is a subjective poem. Thus, at the beginning of each stanza Natten constantly asks himself, “When did my childhood go?” and is confused. As an adult, he feels dejected to think about the loss of innocence in him. Those things which once amused him like the thoughts of “Hell and Heaven”, are now faraway dreams. Everything has changed around him. His parents don’t love him in the way they did before. The poet has become egocentric. He only thinks about himself, unlike a child. Presently, he is only left with his musings on childhood. He thinks childhood might have gone to a distant land. At last, he gets his answer after seeing an infant’s face. The sight gives him a sense of relief to think that it has gone nowhere.

Markus Natten Poetries
Markus Natten Poetries

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Childhood Poetries

When did my childhood go?

Was it the day I ceased to be eleven.

Was it the time I realised that Hell and Heaven,

Could not be found in Geography,

And therefore could not be,

Was that the day!

Markus Natten Poetries

When did my childhood go?

Was it the time I realised that adults were not

All they seemed to be,

They talked of love and preached of love,

But did not act so lovingly,

Was that the day!

Markus Natten Poetries

When did my childhood go?

Was it when I found my mind was really mine,

To use whichever way I choose,

Producing thoughts that were not those of other people

But my own and mine alone

Was that the day!

Markus Natten Poetries

Where did my childhood go?

It went to some forgotten place,

That is hidden in an infant’s face,

That’s all I know.


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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