Me and You, cuddling together
Me before you
Me Before You – Start of Something New

I never knew a person could mean so much in so little time. I never imagined her absence would be affecting me in such manner, that at 4 in the night, or I should say in the morning, I am here writing my feelings about her.

Her chaos brings peace to me, I, somehow, again feel like I am more than somebody to that person and this makes me feel better than ever.
Her scintillating presence always makes me keep a broad smile on my face. And I am missing that smile, actually hers, which made me feel that, yes, I can also be a reason behind someone’s smile.

She might be sleeping in peace right now, but she don’t know how she’s screaming through my heart at the same time.

I know, we were not meant to be like this so soon. But its hard to keep it simple, when all we know, in our whole lives, is how to make things more complicated.

Here I am, lying in my bed, thinking of her, and missing her presence beside me, like she used to be every night, staring at her oh-so wondrous face, and fall asleep while making sweet love to her.

-Quoted by an Introvert

Me Before You - Start of Something New

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