And it ended up so beautifully, being the best Love story of yours and mine. To me you were like a flower whose fragrance can be smelled from the long distance. So if you are a person of stories, here is a Romantic Love Story in English for you to get through those tough times

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Romantic Love Story
The Day Noah – Allie Kissed.
Romantic Love Story

It was a weird day. The day that brings nostalgia and hysteria together, right from the sunrise.

It was raining, with a bit of sunshine every few minutes. The perfect paradox for a day that was about to raise a storm. Noah was well settled now. He had made a successsful career out of his sheer dedication and hard work. And he was the prime example of how one could turn his scars into stars.

Love Story

He had turned into this established businessman who could conquer anything that he wanted,

not to forget, he had learnt to conquer his inner-self too. He had tamed his inner devils and He had grown into a mature man who had made peace with the fact that Allie never belonged to him.

he knew, that life goes on with or without someone, he had now moved on. The journey had taught him self-love which was his pillar of strength.

Love Story


But Noah knew his limits, he controlled himself as the universe was robbed off “once in lifetime” kind of moment.

And then out of nowhere, in a fraction of a second, Allie kissed him. Their lips touched. Noah firmly grabbed Allie by her waist and pushed her into himself as he gave Allie the deepest and the most passionate kiss of her life.

They both fell on the bed and in that moment the only existence they knew of was of their souls finally uniting as they lived a lifetime in every second of that kiss.

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They hugged each other and the time came to a stand still. Everything, the stars, the galaxies, the good, the evil, every angel and the bad of the baddest devil, they all came to a stand still. It was as if years of wait for Noah had manifested into this very moment. For Allie, it was redemption and reliving the presence of Noah in fer life. Noah backed down, took a pause and said, “let’s hug a little longer”, and started walking in the opposite direction as they both said in unison at same time,

Romantic Love Story


Noah came back and took Allie in her arms, as if she belonged to him. Allie wrapped her arms around Noah and dived into his chest, which was her favourite place to be years ago.

Their cheeks started to touch. All these years, even after having moved on, Noah had always dreamt of kissing Allie.

The girl of his life. The one, he always thought, he was made for. He always wanted to know what if would be like to kiss a girl that was capable of raging storms inside him just by a mere touch.

Short Prose
Romantic Love Story


But again, that day was different. It was a friends reunion again. It was a friends reunion again. The one that happens every half-a-decade. But he was at peace with where life had taken him and the thought of meeting Allie, for the first time, didn’t give him chills.

Noah saw Allie, their eyes locked up, but now maturity had taken over hormones. The two made it look normal, they greeted each other and the evening slowly came to an end. As everyone was about to leave the party, Noah went inside the room to bid Allie a goodbye.


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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