A woman comes in many blissful characters, but mother is surely the most unconditional, one relationship can ever get. The bravest woman I know, the cleverest person I struck by, the most loving person to ever have in my life, my Mother!

She lives her life for just one purpose, see her kid satisfied. Whether it is to satisfy every need of her child, or to fill the tummy with delicious feasts, Mom never disappoints anyone.

She can not see her child in any tough situation. She bleeds through her eyes, when her child scuffs up even a little. Her dreams lie in the success of her child.

The epitome of, ultimate sacrifice, unconditional love, and limitless care, will I ever be able to match you and give back to you, what you offered so willingly?

-Quoted by an Introvert

On this Mother’s Day, wish her the best and spread the love you have for her. Use our quotes and wishes to pleasantly congratulate her on the day about Mothers.

On May 10th, this Sunday, wish her Happy Mother’s Day!

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