The Truth about First Love
The Truth about First Love

I hate the world’s obsession with first love. I hate the over glorification of it. The truth about the First Love is rather more ambiguous.

First love is easy, you start everything afresh, and everything happens for the first time. You are carefree and completely living each and every moment without the slightest touch of insecurity or déjà vu.

But the love that happens after that is far more courageous and important. You shed all your insecurities away, you break down walls you had built after you broke the first time. You welcome new memories which are happening again, reminding you how beautiful they were the first time and how painful it was to let the person go with whom you made them.

First love must be exciting, but the love that happens after that is far more courageous, important and brave.

First love is hard to forget, but the love that happens after that is beautiful because it lasts forever.

by CA Nitin Kaushik

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Alka · June 14, 2020 at 18:17

it’s touched to the heart.
here you amazingly described the emotiond. actually it’s like someone present his heart in the words.

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