Utopia - My Imaginary Land
Utopia – My Imaginary Land
Image Source : https://medium.com/@davidwjeffs/critical-clues-design-thinking-utopia-6e3c309f983

I’ll be damned if it isn’t Utopia!

Clear skies, without any dark smoke

Cleaner seas, without waste to choke

Fresh lush greenery, all around us

No roadblocks, no traffic jam’s fuss

A world free of cancer, and chaos

No untimely death, no lives loss

Wars are over, peace has been brought

No one sleeps hungry, that also fought

No caste, no religion, no racism

Yes, humanity is the only optimism

I know this is just an illusion, a strand

This is my Utopia, an Imaginary Land!

-Quoted by an Introvert

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