Poetries do not have a language. Poetry is a language of love. Here is a beautifully written Verse In English

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Verse In English
Verse In English
Verse in English

He was trying to reach your phone in a no network zone, 10 times in an hour, worried about your safety, wishing your well being as you trekked your way up the beautiful mountains, leaving behind the wrecks of the beautiful love story in the city behind, that made you feel ‘home’ when you needed it the most.

As he crumbled himself into the blanket, the fear of losing you took over him, along with the long escaped realization of how madly he was in love with you. As he placed his head upon the ground to pray for your safe return, you placed your lips on someone else’s, unbothered of the outcome of the seeds of love that you were watering all these years and stepped upon the staircase of a new love story.


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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