What Quarantine taught me? Life and Death

There is nothing certain in these situations and what we can hope is good health and bright future to cherish. Charles Darwin gave a theory which mentioned a phrase ” Survival of the fittest “. This phrase seems so fitting in the current scenario that we all are facing throughout the world. Maybe we, as a human, do need to evolve to come out of this gray situation. Sometimes I get to see that people are evolving, trying to live a normal life in this not so normal conditions. Quarantine taught me, that staying at home, for a change, is better for us to build our lives in a better way.

During this self quarantine period, I started writing stuff, stuff about my life, stuff I was dealing with, stuff that went through my head everyday. And when I started posting that stuff I had, I taught myself how can we not be in touch with someone still love them. Yes, I was not in touch with myself. Somewhere in the race of becoming successful in life, I lost my own self. This quarantine taught me how to give time to yourself, improve and lead a life full of Self Love.

The mother Earth was screaming and crying for help, all she wanted was to heal the wounds that we have given her all this time. This quarantine session helped mother Earth heal because the ones who were hurting her went on a short leave. This taught me how quickly the wounds can heal, all you have to do is give time and do nothing.

Life gives you chances, to change, to improve, to become a better self. Life has given you chance to prove yourself your worth. Life is not easy for everyone, everyone does not get their meals served right there on the bed. Quarantine taught me, that life can be lived in more ways that we never even get to imagine. Live it up till you can, no one knows whats gonna be next!

Death is definite and irrefutable, it may haunt you in your sleep. We can do nothing more than just accept it. Every day passing, every second ticking, we die a little. Quarantine taught me, that don’t die with regrets weighing you down. You may not get enough time, but if you have more seconds left with you, make sure you cherish this life which you never know might end this second.

Quoted by an Introvert

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