Where Rainbows End

The last moments, the separation and the rainbow of hope

I still remember the very last moments of us, 

as you were walking out of my life, 

stabbing me with the truth cum knife, 

you said you don’t love me anymore, 

the tides of your ruthlessness destroying my shore, 

a beautiful evening turning into a haunting night, 

you leaving my world, not just my sight, 

I tried, I tried harder and harder, 

which only took you away farther and farther, 

I was reminiscing our every little fight, 

which only enhanced our love, giving me hope, and a ray of light

I took you in my arms for the one last time, 

and held you tight, 

a million galaxies being crushed within me, 

my face turning pale and then into crystal white, 

and now as I sit putting all your letters to fire one by one, 

reading them tells me, you may someday come back, you might,

and I promise you, even though I need not, but I would still change my shades & my ways mend,

after all, in your arms, isn’t it where the rainbows end ?

by CA Nitin Kaushik

(“Where rainbows end”, my favorite novel by Cecelia Ahern, signifies one’s ultimate destiny/fate)

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