Why don't you leave her already?

“Why don’t you leave her already ?, she asked

I took a long pause,

and said,

“I don’t see any future with her, but I think she awes me more than she shows.

And I don’t know why but I think when the time will come she might fight for me against her family.

And I can’t leave her like that, it will be devastating for both of us.

I fought with her countless times and yet she is here with me every day.

I think it’s more than “just something” in her but she never reflects it.

She chose to do her post-graduation just to postpone her wedding bells, and at that time we were miles apart and she could have chosen to just marry someone else, but she didn’t.

What else can I say, I just can’t leave her like that despite all the spark we don’t have.

Sometimes calling an end to a relationship is not the right thing to do, even though everything else seems wrong too.

– Quoted by an Introvert

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