Kamala Das, (Kamala Surayya), (March 31, 1934 — May 31, 2009), was an Indian author. She wrote openly and frankly about female sexual desire and the experience of being an Indian woman. Her short stories, poetries, memoirs, and essays brought her respect and notoriety in equal measures. As a confessional poet Kamala Das poetries deals with the pathos of women, emerging from a possessive role to the point of discovering and asserting the individual liberty.

Words‘ by Kamala Das describes the power of words and the poet’s fear of them as they keep growing in her. This poem, like her other poem is also Confessional. By comparing her poetry with the leaves, the poet refers to some hidden instinct which causes the words to come out like photosynthesis in the leaves. Neither this instinct stops nor the growth of the words stop.

In general perspective the poem depicts the power of words. But in the poem, it probably means that they can hurt the ego of friend or those who won’t accept the woman as a poet or writer. Further in the final part according to her, the words are annoying as they keep growing in her. Hence the poem ends in grief describing the problems that a woman writer has to face in a male-dominated society.

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Kamala Das Poetries
Kamala Das Poetries
Indian poets and poetries

All round me are words, and words and words,
They grow on me like leaves, they never
Seem to stop their slow growing
From within… But I tell my self, words
Are a nuisance, beware of them, 

Kamala Das Poetries

They Can be so many things, a
Chasm where running feet must pause, to
Look, a sea with paralyzing waves,
A blast of burning air or,
A knife most willing to cut your best
Friend’s throat… Words are a nuisance, but.

Kamala Das Poetries

They grow on me like leaves ona tree,
They never seem to stop their coming,
From a silence, somewhere deep within…


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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