Love is a set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs with strong feelings of affection. I have loved you in a way like no one can ever love you, but you left me in such a way that now whenever we meet it seems like we are stranger and we don’t know each other from ages. Here is a Broken Painful Poem a Hindi Poem for you to read.

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Broken Painful Poem
Broken Painful Poem

Bohot dil hai phirse pyaar karne ka,

Bas dil hi nahi hai,

Manzilein hai mujhe apni saaf maloom,

Bas maloom manzil tak ka raasta nahi hai,

Broken Painful Poem

Aur tum hi ho shaamil mere zarre zaree mein,

Meri khud ki toh koi daastan nahi hai,

Ek tumhe hi sirf manga tha khuda se,

Ab uske liye bhi bachi dil mein aastha nahi hai,

Love Painful Poem

Tere kooche kooche se hu main bakhoob waqif,

Rok lun tujhe beech bazaar,

Aisa ab darmiyana hamare koi raabta nahi hai,

Ab main poora mayassar hu khud ko,

Ab koi adha mujh ko mujhse baant ta nahi hai,

Love Painful Poem

Khud hi khud ki saansein ginta hu raat dhale,

Din bhar ka hisaab ab koi mujh se mangta nahi hai,

Aur ab jo hai hazaron aib mujh mein,

Tumhari tarah pyaar se jo ab koi dant ta nahi hai,

Bohot dil hai phirse pyaar karne ka, bas dil hi nahi hai


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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