Since i am not there with you and I know that now the time which we spent together are only left with memories. Now, I will have to be content just dreaming about when we will be together again. Here is a Kuch Ankahi Batein In Hindi for you to read.

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Kuch Ankahi Batein
Kuch Ankahi Batein

Kuch batein karni thi tumse

toh main puch raha tha ke

yeh jo tumhare khatt rakhe hain mujhpe inka kya karu ?

sochta hu jala du lekin darta hu kahin woh jalte hue

lamho ki mehak mujhe fir tmhari yaad na dila de,

Kuch Ankahi Batein

lekin kya karu, rakh bhi toh nahi sakta,

darta hu ke deemak na khaa jayein inhe

ussi tarah jaise kuch chand ankahi kadvahatein

hamara rishta kha gayi,

aur suno, woh jo kitaab maine di thi tumhe,

wapis mat lautana,

shayad un panno ke beech kisi roz

tumhe mera khayal mil jaaye,


agar mil jaaye toh ittada kar dena mujhe,

kyuki aksar akeli raaton mein yeh baat mujhe khaati hai

ke mujhe bhulane mein tumhe kuch chand roz lage the,

aur haan kisi roz agar akeli pad jao aur mera

khayal aaye toh bata du ki pareshan mat hona,


maine jeena seekh liya tha,

lekin kisi aur ke saath nahi,

tumhare bina


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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