Love is defined as the set of feelings and emotions which bring positive energy into a soul. It gives serenity of soul and peace of mind. It is a feeling of well being of mind, heart and body which produces good emotions. Here is a Love Heartbreaking Poem in Hindi for you to read.

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Love Heartbreaking Poem
Love Heartbreaking Poem
Love Heartbreaking Poem

Do pal phle saamne tha,

Plat kar dekha toh nahi tha,

Main puchta hu khud se,

Usse mujh se kbhi ishq tha bhi? shayad nahi tha.

Ab main usse rozana yaad aaun,

Na milu to khwab mein aaun,

Woh roye raat bhar meri yaad mein,

Mujh se lipat jaye jab kisi roz usse milne jaun.

Love Broken Poem

Itna azeez main tha usse kbhi? Shayad nahi tha,

Do pal phle saamne tha, palat kar dekha toh nahi tha.

Main bezaar ‘e’ alhedgi ki muhrat hu aaj,

Main hamesha se itna beparwah tha kya?

Shayad nahi tha.

Love Broken Poem

Woh meri ankhon mein dekh kar Raqeeb ka zikar karta hain,

Uske naam ki kasam khata hai,

Fir fikar karta hai, Main roz marta hu uski khayi jhuthi kasmo mein,

Woh itna besharam pehla bhi tha? Shayad nahi tha.

Maine woh daur dekha hai jab woh sirf mera tha,

Woh mujhse bewafa haal hi mein hua,

Par fir mera kab tha? Shayad nahi tha..


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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