Pain, suffering, poverty, disease, anguish, and many other forms of negativity are aspects of our lives that are as necessary as they are unfortunate. If we couldn’t feel pain, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate all of the ways we have been blessed. Here is a Painful Poem in Hindi for you to read.

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Painful Poem

Mausam ki hi tarah thahar bhi nahi jata,

Use ab mujhse dosti raas nahin,

Adavat bhi apne sir liye nahi jata,

Veh inkar karta ha mere dil ko apna ghar batlane se,

Ajeeb jid ha sahab, jrhan se bhi utar nahi jata.

Painful Poem

Veh aata ha to bahare laut aati ha,

Mausam hi ki tarah, veh thahar bhi nahi jata,

Use main pyasa bardasht nahin,

Barasta ha to poora bheega bhi nahin jata,

Sad Poem

Mere khud ke libaas se haa tauba use,

Apne rang bhi mujh par utaar nahin jata,

Use mere banjar halato pe taras bhohot aata ha,

Ek paudha mohabbat ka bhi laga kar nahin jata.

Sad Image
Painful Poem


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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