Breakups shatter dreams and cause unbearable pain. They may fill you with deep sorrow and dejection that can push you into desolation. But don’t give in to such self-destructive emotions. Rather, express your emotions, whether it be through a long rant to close friends or a few teary nights, and let all the pain flow away. Here are some Sad Love Poem which you can read.

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Sad Love Poem

Kisi aur ko toh ab apna bana nahi sakte,

Ghar bhi ab laut kar jaa nahi sakte,

Aur ab yu hi kategi zindagi akele,

Baar bar toh kisise dil laga nahi sakte,

Sad Love Poem

Aur tuh ab bhi aati hai mere khwabo mein,

Par ab kisi gqair pe to raatein gava nahi sakte,

Tujhe toh dil se man baithe the hum safar apna,

Teri tarah gairon ko toh muh laga nahi sakte,

Sad Love Poetry

Ek umar bhar ka rishta tabah kar baithi

Tuh chaar din ki chandni mein,

Ab yun hai halat, ke khudko bhi hum muh,

Dikha nahi sakte,

Ab kaise ho shamil koi naya mere jahan mein,

Tujhse iss kadar mukhatib the sab,

Ke maa baap se bhi kisi naye shaksh ko

Toh mila nahi sakte,

Sad Love Poetry

Ab tuh aur teri bewafai hi jhalkegi

Mere alfazon mein,

Yeh kalam ki siyahi kisi aur pe toh

Luta nahi sakte.

Painful Love Image
Sad Love Poem


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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