The sacrifice of a soldier is the greatest assest of any country but the backbone to this sacrifice and hardwork is his wife. Here is a poetry on The Sacrifice Of A Soldiers Wife for you to read and feel proud and grateful towards them.

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Poetry and Writeups
The Sacrifice Of A Soldiers Wife
Poetry and Writeups 2

Guzar jaungi iss gham se aage

sawar jaungi kisi aur ke aage

par tumhare jism ki khushbu nahi bhula paungi main

woh laakh laade mujhe mulayam takiye

tumhare haath ki tek nahi bhula paungi main,

jala dungi yaadein bhi hamari sang tumhaare,

par sach kahun toh, yeh wardi tumhari nahi jala paungi main,

guroor se bataungi sabko ki desh ki god mein jaan gavayi thi usne, meri god mein kisi aur ko ab nahi sulaungi main,

The Sacrifice Of A Soldiers Wife

maabaap ka khayal bhi rakhugi tumhare, kisi aur ki jaan bhi keh laungi main, 

par jo dekhoge kabhi mujhe ek shayar ki nazron se,

chillake chillake khudko, sirf tumhara bat laungi main,

tum aana mere bete ke roop mein wapas,

rishte ka naam kuch aur hi sahi, tumhe fir seene se lagaungi main

The Sacrifice Of A Soldiers Wife 2


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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