Have you ever felt lost? Have you ever felt scared of the future not knowing what to expect and what to do? If you have then you have experienced a crisis that you had to resolve in order to continue your life normally. Sometimes it is really hard to know what is best and to realize what have to be done, and the younger you are the harder it is. Here is a Tumhara Yo badalna in Hindi for you to read.

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Tumhara Yo badalna
Tumhara Yo badalna

Tum mera gaun thi aur main tumhara sheher…

Tumhara Yo badalna

Tum mera gaun thi, Main tumhe sab bata diya karta tha,

Meri jeet, meri haar, mere saare sapne,

Naye taluqaat, aur chooth te apne,

Mehtvkanshayein, doston se umeedein,

Maabaap ke prati kartavya, behen ke prati pyaar,

Jo mujhe khud se bhi badhkar hain, woh vyapar,

Mera karm, mera dharm,

Bahar se kitna kathor, andar se ek dum narm,

Sad Love Poem

Tum mera gaun thi, Main tumhe sab bata diya karta tha,

Magar main? Main tumhara sirf sheher tha,

Tumhe utna hi padh paya, Jitna tumne sunehre aksharon se likha khud par,

Tumhe jaana poora, tumhari taseer,

Tumhare kaantein, tumhare phal,

Par tumhe paane mein? Ek dum viphal,

Sad Love Poem

Tumhe samjha bhi bohot, tumhara dukh,

Tumhara dard, kyu tumhe ban na pada ghar ka mard,

Tumhari garmiya, tumhari narmiya,

Aur ek hi kambal mein wo raatein sard,

Par tumhe apna na bana saka,

Chaha bohot, par tumse byaah na saka,

Love Poem

Sheher badla,

Toh tumhari pasand-napasand bhi badal gayi,

Aur dekhte hi dekhte,

Ek naya gharana hogya,

Main tumhare liye, Sheher purana hogaya.


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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