Valentine’s Week is all about love which includes Friends. This year celebrate this week with your friends and exchange promises. But what can you promise your friend, is that what you are thinking? Here are some Promise Day Quotes For Friends. Use these quotes and exchange promises with your friends.

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Promise Day Quotes

Friendship is a spoken by heart, not written on paper. It is a promise on this Promise Day to renewed every time we keep in touch.

Promise Day Quotes For Friends

I pinky promise you that we will always be friends till the end.

Promise Day Images

I promise to be a good listener even when you are silent.

Promise Day Quotes For Friends

Promise Day

A pinky is small, but the secrets it holds are huge.

Promise Day Quotes For Friends

I must have been born under a lucky star to find a friend as nice as you are.

I will follow the rainbow to if you promise to remain my friend.

Happy Promise Day

I can’t promise to fix all your problems. But I can promise you won’t face them all alone.

Promise Day Quotes For Friends

We know each other by chance, become friend by choice, still be friend by decision so when I say friends forever that’s a lifetime promise.

Promise Day Wallpaper
Promise Day Quotes For Friends
Promise Day Quotes 2023

Promise me that no matter where this world takes us we will always be best friends.

Promise Day Quotes 2023

We met it was by chance. We met again it was luck. We became friends it was destiny. We are still friends its our decision. We’ll always be friends that’s a promise!

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