A Letter For Bravery

A Letter For Bravery

It’s an appreciation to you my friend,

For staying in toxicity and still trying to be alive,

You are brave even if at this moment you have blunts in your hands,

You are brave even if you try to smile.

You are brave if you chose to cry.

You are brave even if you lie.

I see you walking down the streets,

Dark circles covering your eyes but you trying to work your best before the deadlines meet.

I see you watching your numbers

And getting numb, I see you looking around your peers,

And feeling dumb.

I see you trying to eat

When it gets hard to swallow.

I see you feeling like a cane, so hollow!

And your family calling you selfish or lazy,

Because your demons didn’t allowed you to move!

But I see you suffering and trying to move.

It’s a token of appreciation to you love.

For being a museum of broken heart, heavy chest and wingless dove.

For being one not to shred.

Do you know, I’m one of you,

And there’s millions like us!

You are not alone, you have got a beautiful family out here -Beautifully broken one, which accepts everyone. We don’t know each other’s language but we speak pain ,

We all had and have demons under our vien.

This pain is gonna try to break you down before being your armor,

Before Bowing to you it will bring you down to your knees,

But be like Phoenix my friend,

Get up! Get up with fire in your eyes

with pain in your chest and shout out to every little pain, We will be there to be the blanket of warmth,

I believe you, you are not a silver cloth!

You are brave wounded soldier.


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