A Man of Few Words
A Man of Few Words

A Man of Few Words

The happiness was just a demeanor,
A shield against the world,
Hiding the intrinsic suffering, trying to be staunch and bold.
He had witnessed the hardships of life,
Gone through the crests and troughs,
He had no expectations from the future, and no disappointments indeed.
He was a lone wolf, truly a warrior,
In a world full of predators, a born survivor.
His insipid eyes spoke another story,
One of distress and disdain,
They were a gateway to his soul, sealed due to history.
The broken smile was another clue,
The laughter didn’t reach his eyes,
Deep sadness penetrated his heart, of his demise.
With a fierce exterior, and brave words few,
He opened his arms wide and took all that life threw.
Now, the time has healed his wounds,
All that is left are scars,
Each one makes him more able, to become his own north star.
One step forward, two steps back,
Fumbling and stumbling through it all,
Yet every time he falls, he gets up again
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of pain.

Who he was ? A Man of Few Words

Kavya Jain

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