They says, the best poetry comes out of the broken heart. Here are some Heartbroken English Quotes for you to read and use.

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Heartbroken English Quotes

You left and broke me apart in pieces, but the fact that you never once turned back to look into the decaying memories of ours, is what kills me the most.

Heartbroken English Quotes

Just like these unexpected cold night breezes midst this burning desert, may be, someday, you might come back to me as well.

Heartbroken English Quotes

This pain and this wait seems like a tribute to the letters she forgot to write me.

Poetry and Writeups
Heartbroken English Quotes

These ruined cities, these wrecked buildings, and these lone paths, reminds me that she never came back.


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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