To love oneself is the form of love in the whole world. Here are some Self Love Quotes for you to start your journey of Self Love.

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Self Love Quotes

Though I shall not be the one to judge myself in this particular way

but having lived with myself for the longest time and knowing myself better than anyone else ever could,

I am fairly nice human being, and I think that above all, that is my biggest achievement.

Self Love Quotes

I will grab a pen and a crumbled paper and I will write all about it, everything that made me the happiest and everything that cracked me a little more than before, everything that broke me apart into a million pieces,

Self Love Quotes

and everything that made me a whole self back again and then I won’t need a shoulder to cry on or a laughter to accompany me and that is how I will live happy, detached and peaceful, forever.

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Self Love Quotes

The idea is to make yourself a happy as you can without having to hurt somebody else byt that doesn’t mean you have to make everyone happy.


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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