Everyone experiences heartbreak. It’s an essential and inevitable part of our existence. Heartbreak is caused by a variety of experiences. Honestly, life is heartbreaking, and its supposed to be. Our existence is rooted in love, because love is the root of everything. Therefore, love is the root of heartbreak. As much power as we have to love each other, we have the same amount of power to break each other, to destroy one another. Here are Heartbreaking Goodbye Quotes and Poem in Hindi for you to read.

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Heartbreaking Goodbye Quotes

Bematlab bewajah hi tadpaya hoga,

Maine bhi toh kahin usko sataya hoga,

Rula kar mujhe beech mehfil sabke samne,

Akele mein, bina kisi kandhe ke,

Ek ashq toh usne bhi bhaya hoga,

heartbroken sayings

Meri cheekhein suni hai aasman ne bhi,

Neend mein hi sahi, usne bhi mujhe bulaya hoga,

Bewajah hi tadpaya hoga,

Maine bhi toh kahin usko sataya hoga,

Sad Goodbye Quotes

Mujhe har raqeeb mein dikhti hai uski jhalak,

Usne bhi toh kisi aur mein mujh hi ko paaya hoga,

Maine toh kardi ruswai sheron mein apne,

Akele mein, apne aks se hi sahi,

Usne bhi toh apna gham jataya hoga,

Sad Heartbreaking Sayings

Maine madira-e-mehfil mein doston ko sunai kahani uski,

Usne bhi toh apni maa ko meri judai ke baare mein batlaya hoga,

Bewajah hi tadpaya hoga,

Maine bhi toh kahin usko sataya hoga


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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