The Perfect Girl
The Perfect Girl

I was in college that day, when she came and sat next to me. Dude, my life came to a standstill. I still remember the flicks adorning her pretty, lit face. And man, the face was enough to zone me out, when i felt the addicting smell she carried.

I was losing control. I thought I’d faint. But I pushed myself and tried to control my excitement. After all, girls don’t like creepy boys, they say. I regained consciousness, lifted my head, spoke in a creaky voice, and all that came out of my mouth was a squeaky “Hi”.

Damn! I messed it up. My voice was muuuch better than what she heard right now, trust me, i was nervous! Shit! I ruined the only chance life gave me with her. I’m a loser! All these thoughts running roller-coasters in my mind, when I saw her looking at me.

She smiled. That smile! I tell you! I was losing control. Again. Zoning out. Again. Realized she was speaking something. But I wasn’t listening. I was lost. In a fantasy world I made for myself.

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Oshin Agarwal

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