Love is a bond between two persons that ties them in a relationship that cannot be easily destroyed. It’s all about the day when we both kissed each other. A day when we both felt too much and the feeling is beyond  to recite a beautiful Love Poetry and here it is!

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Romantic Poetry
I Tasted Her Soul But She Only Kissed My Lips
Romantic Poetry

She kissed my lips and forgot to taste my soul

But refused to admit it was lust

I kissed every inch of her body and also her naked soul

But refused to admit it was love

I guess, we both lied

Romantic Poetry
Kissing You Was Magical
Love Poetry

Kissing you was magical,

Every time our lips met I felt like our powers mated,

I felt like we have met after decades of separation,

It was always as magical as it was the first time,

But that presence of yours in my life that sparked my soul,

And made me a thousand times splendid,

that is something

I will always crave for

Love Poetry
Kisses or Regrets
Love Poetry

In the search of your morning kisses,

I am waking up to mistakes and regrets,

Naked & beautifully hidden behind blankets.


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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