Baap ka saaya - Father's Day Special
Baap ka saaya – Father’s Day Special

Khushnaseeb hai aaj woh
Sar jinke saya iska rehta hai

Kareeb rehta hai woh humare
Par ansoo fir bhi humse chhupata hai

Khud se hazaaro jhooth kehta hai woh
Humein lekin humesha sach kehna sikhata hai

Maa to roh kar bhi jataa jaati hai kisi tarah
Par ye dil mein gum liye yoon hi so jata hai

Beth lo kuch waqt unke sath bhi aaj
Baad mein fir bohot malaal reh jaata hai

Zindagi me chaahe kitne hi log aajae teri
Wo sab balidaaan ek baap hi kar pata hai

Khushnaseeb hai aaj woh
Sar jinke saya iska rehta hai !!

Bhushan Bajaj

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Baap ka saaya – Father’s Day Special

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