A Beautiful Mess - Him and Her

I am really bad at playing these silent wars, and you know that already. If we have been through a lot, is it really worth making it happen again? What are we more, than just a beautiful mess!

When you are not around, these moments, empty moments, a war in the silence, thoughts fighting in my head, heart cringing due to my acts, this is what keeping me busy these days.

When you were around, those moments, heartfelt emotions, watching you laugh, and those long talks, your care for me, and my silly jokes, this is what I’m missing these days.

If this is what it has to be the last of it, then let me write it forever, cause I can’t put an end to it.

I know, forever is the most overrated promise one can ever make, and I don’t know what the future installs, but if I get to tell you what this means to me then I’d say, “You’d be the most loved of em all.”

My love has always been taken as a joke by everyone, but you are the one who, I really think, can understand my pain the best.

Whoever said opposite attracts, clearly didn’t had a clue of how those two people will spend their whole lives with each other. And what I feel is that we both have at least one thing in common, A Beautiful Mess, that we tend to create in our lives.

-Quoted by an Introvert

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Gurleen · May 30, 2020 at 21:31

This is so beautiful😍 and totally agreed on the opposites attract part🙌

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    Thanks for being the support, always <3

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