The Weasley Family

And for the thousandth time, Molly woke up to the same dream, drenched in sweat, tears and a bitter sweet feeling of peace. She helped herself for water and reminded herself of the dream she clearly remembers, 

All of them sitting at the dinner table, the Weasleys and Potters along with their children, seats of Lupin, Sirius, Tonks & Fred remaining empty, and suddenly as Molly speaks, totally forgetting the absence of Fred even after a decade long of never ending grief, she says, “George, ask Fred upstairs to come fast”, and she completes the sentence reminiscing of her greatest loss, she holds the chair by her side, tears dropping from her eyes, George looking down at the plate numb and cold, out of thin air, appears Lily, Fred quietly accompanying her, looking at George with teary eyes, Lily says,

Motherly love of Molly for Harry

As much a mother you have been to Harry all these years, I am as much a mother to Fred up here, don’t worry, he’s doing all right, eating on time, and pranking the hell out of even Marauders” and then disappears.

Molly finishes the water in the glass, looks at Fred & George’s picture lovingly, knowing, even though it would never feel the same, her sons are fine, and loved by their MOTHERS!

The Mother of Weasleys - A fan fiction for Potterheads
The Mother of Weasleys

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