At the end you left me with your memories only. You gave me so many reasons to love but at the end left me alone in the journey. Here is a Dard bhari shayari In Hindi for you to read.

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Dard bhari shayari
Dard bhari shayari
Dard bhari shayari

Ajeeb si kaifiyat hai,

Tera laut aana bhi naseeb nahi,

Aur umeed bhi kayam hai,

Zehan mein taaza hai tuh,

Aur bhula dene ki zarurat bhi kayam hai,

Tuh saath bhi hai,

Kisi aur ke haath bhi hai,

sad shayari

Zindagi mein tujh se behad sangeen maslehaat bhi hain,

Fir bhi tere na hone se bure halaat bhi hain,

Kisi aur ko naseeb rozana hai tuh,

Teri judaai bhi gehno ki tarah pehni maine,

Mera aaj bhi khazana hai tuh,

sad shayari

Zindagi ki ek ghoot bachi hai jismein baaki,

Woh paymaana hai tuh,

Sharab ki kya zarurat,

Mera toh maykhana hai tuh


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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