And here we go, some shers/quotes for you full of hatred, revenge, anger & of course, love. You cannot separate hate from love, the former prevails, only because love once existed. Attitude Shayari for Girls

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Attitude Shayari in Hindi
Attitude Shayari for Girls

Ek ek karke, ishq ki saari hadein nahi mitaunga main,

iss dafa mohabbat ko, sar par nahi bithaunga main ||

Humein nahi khed kisi baat ka,

Jhagda, talluq-e-tabahi, yeh sab shauk hain hamare ||

Khayal unhi ke sata rahein hain aaj,

jinka ab zikar bhi nahi bardaasht humein ||


CA Nitin Kaushik (Imaginary_Lands)

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